Every contact with a Duross Painting Company staff member will remind you that this is a company of individuals who value their work of creating a great service experience for all of our clients.


Since Duross Painting began business in 1974 we have known that the key to a quality jobs is the work of the craftsmen on our staff.

We are proud to have painters with decades of experience. Most of the painters on staff average a decade or more with us. With Duross on your project, you are assured of quality products, applied by top quality craftsmen.

We put safety first. Our painters are well-trained and participate in mandatory, weekly onsite safety reviews.

“I’ve been with Duross for twenty-seven years. The great part is that every job has a new challenge. We’ve got excellent crews and managers – you couldn’t find an all-around better group of people to work with.” Robert Reid, Senior Painter


The ethic of entrepreneurship thrives at Duross Painting.

Though our business serves large retail chains and global industries, management still holds the values of businesses much smaller than ours: quality in our work, quality in our product, quality of staff, safety of our staff, attention to detail, meeting timelines, and most importantly, customer service.

The result: a job of quality – both in experience during the job, and in lasting quality in the end product. That’s why we say “Duross: Quality in Michigan and Nationwide.”

“Quality is the core of Duross. Every project, from a small 10′ x 10′ office, to a grand home, to a hospital complex or manufacturing facility, all receive the same attention to detail.” Robert A. Singer, President


The quality of a job fades early on if a job is proposed incorrectly. To ensure quality from start to finish, an accurate estimate is completed by expert staff with years of experience.

“We are very efficient with our process. Our computer-based system allows us to accurately cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. We manage every job so that customers feel like theirs is the most important one we have, large or small. Sometimes I need to visit a job site to provide a proper estimate, so I’m always aware that I am acting on behalf of my client and sensitive to their needs.” David Cruz, Estimator

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